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Exploiter Orb "bait" during Conservation


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Some vallis captures lead into the buried debts area, and either the place where you are meant to use the echo lure is after the door, or the animal spawns deeper inside, baiting the player into going through the first door. Now the problem is the door only opens from the outside, once you get inside, you can't go out by any means, and the only door that opens next is the one to start exploiter orb. Which puts the player into the dilemma into abandoning all the loot they got with time and effort (like tags, etc), or putting up with the boss fight, which might not even be an actual option if you're stuck there with a warframe and setup that would have low to no chance of soloing the boss - and costing thermia when you weren't even willing to do the boss fight at the time, just do some conservation.
Conclusion: Either fix the conservation related things leading into the buried debts area, or just straight up let the players go outside after the door abruptly and unexpectedly closes on them where they will slowly have to face that they messed up, because the current situation is a no go, and has to be changed as it's definitely not the way it's intended to work.

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