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"Unique" Melee Weapons



With the recent update DE did with gunblades, with both the heavy attack locking you in place and almost every combo starting with an eardrum blasting gunshot, I've moved away from the Redeemer as my go to melee weapon.

I have found the Glaive Prime which is doing the trick, but I'm still trying to broaden my horizons to melee weapons that have unique functions or attacks that make close quarter combat less like "beat the enemy until they die."

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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If you like Glaives then the Orvius (can lift enemies into the air by heavy attacking while blocking, though I've heard it's bugged), Halikar (chance to disarm people it hits) and/or the Pathocyst (spawns friendly versions of the Maggot enemy when it hits people) may be worth a look at.

(Man, the glaives have a lot of oddball weapons now I'm listing them.)

The Caustacyst Scythe can launch energy waves that leave the same pools of slowing slime the Mutalist MOAs do with its heavy attack.

The Cobra & Crane Sword & Shield can launch its shield somewhat similar to a Glaive with its aerial attacks, as can the SIgma & Ocantis (although that thing's hard to get a hold of.)

Another Sword & Shield, Ack & Brunt can charge itself with an element by blocking hits of said element. It also has the unique "Electromagnetic Shielding" mod that lets you redirect damage taken by nearby allies towards yourself while blocking, which can be neat when combined with abilities like Iron Skin or Warding Halo.

The Broken Scepter Staff can turn enemy corpses into Health Orbs (Energy Orbs for robotic corpses.)

While it isn't a melee weapon, the Zakti Pistol leaves enemies open to melee finishers when its darts detonate.

I've heard the Mios Sword & Whip can do the same yank that Scorpions/Ancients do, (not 100% on this one.)

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There are a few that I love.  

Hirudo: Amazing crit based weapon which will heal you upon crit strikes.  Which is pretty much always.  Probably one of my favorite weapons.

Mios and Lacera: Anything using the defiling snapdragon will have a pull effect.

The Lesion: Attack speed boost

Amphis: Shock on slam

Arca Tridan: saves charges for the slam attack.

There are a few others mentioned above which others brought up.

My go too is the Gensen.  The stance procs a lot and there is a throw.  Not the typical thrown like a glaive.  But it covers a fair distance and procs a bleed 

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