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When switching from Archwings to K-drive launcher, character fall under map


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On plans of Eidolon, while flying in archwings (I had ITZAL), switching to K-Drive makes player fall down from the sky right under the map. It can be undo by switching to K-Drive while under map, then switching to archwings again and then flying back on the map. Player is still able to fall under map tho, this cant be repaired by switching again to K-Drive. Then, player is able to move properly on the map. 

Repro rate: 100%

Repro steps:

1) Launch Warframe

2) Go to Plains of Eidolon

3) Open your Gear and choose archwings 

4) Once in the air, open your Gear again and switch to K-Drive

5) You will fall under map 

6) Under map, open your gear and choose K-Drive, then open your gear again and choose Archwings, fly to the top of the map, open gear and choose K-Drive. 


Mission: Defeat councilor Vay Hek's Forces: Sorties - Playins of Eidolon (Earth)  Level 50-60, Mission: Free roam, Conditions: Shotgun Only 


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