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- Black Paper - Ghost clan Looking for Alliance (Alliance Found)


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Hi everyone, i'm the clan leader of an active ghost clan named Black Paper and we are in need of an alliance.



I have been previously in 4 alliances i believe

The 1st one (can't remember the name) died out or just wasn't active enough, it used to be some sort of gathering from old players from fever clan (that were scatered in many clans), but in the end, the clans were mostly dead and so the alliance was dead, non functional and without a leader

I joined a 2nd alliance, but mainly with portuguese speaking players, however and since my clan was mostly international it slowly stopped making sense, it was ok at the start but with more non portuguese speaking players joining, i had to find a new home with more international players.

The 3rd alliance was the planetary alliance of the apes, sadly i don't remember why i left, but i believe i wanted something a bit more active.

I joined the 4th alliance, moonlapse alliance and things were going well, until i was removed because my ideals of gameplay and rule violations didn't apply with their mentality and so that brings me into searching for a new alliance, so what do i seek:

  •  Must be active in general, nothing absurd or hardcore, but active, i don't want an alliance that will end next week
  •  Discord isn't mandatory but nice to have.
  •  Must be international so that the 9 players i lead, have a place to communicate, my members speak english mainly.
  •  Must (This is important), obey all DE guidelines and/or rules, this sounds simple but i don't want to bring my clan into an enviroment that talks openly about black market deals or that accept members that engage in these types of activities, this automaticly excludes a couple alliances, i'm just making it clear before they jump in.
  •  Similar to the previous point, alliance rules for the most part must not interfere with player decisions or clan decisions, this is obviously on a case by case scenario, but if for example an alliance member is afk ingame and a report is done (or does anything else, like black market deals), the alliance cannot and should not interfere with the report, you cannot request the player to be unignored and ask the report not to be submited, you can't come and say "we don't want you to do that", again this is simple, but it's something my previous alliance didn't really get.

I don't mean you have to keep everyone in line in every single clan, all i ask is that you have a vision of having clans with players that play and enjoy the game, if your vision is more towards afk gameplay is allowed and/or black market deals are allowed, then please don't invite me.
I want an alliance that allows for reasonable clan policies and rules such as "obeying DE set rules" and not dictate that such a rule isn't allowed.

Hopping to join an alliance and yes my clan is active, it has been for years, but it is a ghost clan, so keep that in mind.


EDIT: Alliance Found

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