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Missing codex entries and removed entries that still show.


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The entries for removed " The Jordas Verdict " appear in the codex as "undiscovered" if players have 0 scans on them. (it was hard to find out that since verdict was removed before I started playing)

Talking about:
- J3 Jordas Golem (enemy)

- Infested Tumor (object, there are 2 exactly the same entries, when i sort by name then first one is removed one)

It would be nice if they dissapeared for 0 scan people, just like other removed enemies (artificer, datalyst, nightwatch mobs etc)




Codex entries for ranger vapos enemies on jupiter are missing (their respective eximus variants too):

- Vapos Detron Ranger

- Vapos Tech Ranger

- Vapos Nullifier Ranger

Vapos Ranger enemies are hell rare so I migth have missed others (Currently Codex has only Vapos Elite Ranger, so 1 out of 4 enemies, or 2 out of 8 if one counts eximuses)

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