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The new orbiter-railjack door


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Ok... i notice this in my orbiter, and seem that nobody on the forum has talked about this before... 


This "door" has been inserted with the last orbiter upgrade (empyrean phase 1)

If you look in some "railjack official image" you see this:



So... i think we in the future could be able to enter inside our railjack (and maybe decorate it like part of our starship?) directly from the orbiter.

What do you think?

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1 hour ago, so_many_watermelons said:

Yeah, I saw a screenshot of someone somehow getting to trigger a [PH] Railjack Tube interaction button in the first day of the Rising Tide update. Probably fixed but yeah you're right, looks like that new door will be the way to shortcut into the Railjack 

It showed up before as well, quite a while back IIRC.

So, yeah, this much has been in the pipeline for a little while

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