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Conservation becomes more and more bugged


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Well i know not many people still care about conservation, considering only thing we can get from it are some emblems and fluffs but as it's part of Nightwave weekly mission roaster i think bugs that started pestering it shouldn't be ignored, ones i encountered so far

#1: Kubrodons being imune to sleep abilities - not sure if it's still going as quite a while since I was tryign to capture these as i mainly use the conservation challange as opportunity to get soem scans of 2nd wave animals, but last time when i acidentally got to capture kubrodon it was immune to Ivaras sleep arrow, and had to use tranq rifle as it started to run away
#2: Sawgaws dodging tranq darts - so bit older version of this problem but these birds just kept dodging these darts, always slightly moving when about to hit by one and it was way to consistent thing ot happen to be jsut a coincidence, especially considering they couldn't see me shooting at them as i was using invisibility
#3: Sawgaws immune to tranq darts - more recent thing, as i tried to capture Sawgaw the tranq darts hit but basically with no effect, it tanked like 6 darts and still needed to use sleep arrow to capture it, like this is really weird
#4: Sawgaw literally flew into the skybox - liek this was both mindblowing and iritating thing to see as the Sawgaw simply haven't even attempted to land on anything simplt flew stright up into the skyybox and kept me locked on it's ocnservation for few good minutes before game decided that it's broken and should be counted as failed

these aren't all bugs i encountered but ones i remember best, and probably not evne close to all problems that are happenign with this, and i get it Railjack, Empyrean, New War and all that new big content, but i wonder if it's really worth to leave the quality of older content to decrease beocuse of not adressed bugs and glitches, while the new content is often in production for way too long to meet overhyped expectations

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Adding to this. Certain conservation track paths lead into the Exploiter Orb Deck 12 raid area, (causing an instance of it to be created, ending the conservation tracking, and wasting a lot of time. 
Edit: More info +Screen Grab

A Call Point is generated inside of the deck 12 instance, (although buried under an ice flow, Thanks Helios!)
This call point cannot be interacted with normally and will not prompt the next phase of the conservation. 
(Note the lack of GUI for Conservation and no tracks)

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More info + screen Grab
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