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Quick Chat Wheel for Railjack?


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Yes i know, why can't you just type? or voice chat? 
The problem with playing in Asia server is too much of a hassle with the language barrier. sometimes even text displays as asterisk** not all on Asia are english speakers. Majority of language barriers suffer from Asia and EU perhaps. Railjack having a super coop mechanics, it will really be hard to communicate with your teammates. We know/saw there was some sort of making Cy command other teammates for basic ship role intervals. But I really think a quick chat wheel (translated on their end) with multiple dialogue options seems to be better and precise communication imo,. remember radio commands on counter-strike?.. something like that but translated on their end, it will help the game generally in communicating.
With small cooldowns to avoid noisy spamming.
Also making your tenno/frame appear on their screen talking. might be a nice touch. like the squadlink and showed excal. . 

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