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Red Green in Fortuna.


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This thought is really out of left field.

If anyone's seen Canadas TV program, "The Red Green Show,"
Perhaps they're familiar. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Red_Green_Show

Upbeat, likeable, builds inventions out of junk parts and duct tape..
A wholesome Canadian personality.
He sets a good example, as much of the other characters of Fortuna do.
(Well, other than the missions where we do heinous criminal things.. but that's different.)
It has that great message, to paraphrase, 'if you can't be handsome, you can still be handy.'
I feel like it would just happen to fit really well.

Some of the staff and players may have grown up with it, and might get a chuckle out of that idea. 😃

Also, Lumberjack frame, when??

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