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Ramparts Still bugged


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ok so since the drop of the old blood ramparts have been the better part of a buggy mess.
but here we are a good while later and they are still beyond buggy. they are game breaking.

i downed the lich lava and because i done this within vacinity of rampart it makes me mouth the stupid bloody thing! 
oh an the best part. you cant do S#&$, /unstuck doesn't work, massing e doesn't work... dying does work but seeing i was playing ember and i just nuked a room in exterminate ... well fat chance of that happening, SO once again forced to leave the mission.

could we please have these dumb things ACTUALLY FIXED! OR just disable the broken POS till they are properly functioning. 
Oh and BTW DE Why on bloody earth do ramparts have scaling health! 
if i jump into a lvl100 lich mission i dont want to have to spend more then 10 seconds trying to blow up these stupid buggy things. Cap the HP at a normal lvl40 missions HP worth. these things do NOT NEED SCALING HEALTH!

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