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An Real Assassination Mode


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The current assassination mode is not assassination, its just boss fighting. As it is, it should be renamed as elimination.


Implement a new game mode with real assassination, that is, killing a defenseless target surrounded by bodyguards.


Lets imagine a scenario four times bigger than the dam map at Kiliken, with safe positions for snipers, both players and enemies. This new map can have some building and streets, and civilians.


In this game mode powers will not work so that this values weapons skill, sniping and killing a target by a distance.


Our target is the current corpus crewman from the capture mission, and will be making an exchange with another party. Just imagine corpus and grineer making some business. Civilians killed result in a mission failure.


Such type of mission will be like a true assassination, with all the stealth it implies. Mods can be created for this game mode, maybe a mod that grants invisibility for some seconds while the player is static, or one where he uses some civilian disguise.

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Already have silencing mods. And we have Shade. All you need. However, this will NEED to be put off the path of mission progression, because most weapons simply wouldn't be able to get the one hit kill necessary for a true assassination, and not everyone enjoys sniping (which is clearly implied in this mission, unless you plan on stealth-ing up to the target and killing him silently with melee, which would then also require it to be a low level mission because melee stealth attacks stop killing after level 20 or so.

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What we currently have is in fact assassination.  There's no rule that says assassination are done quietly.  There's no rule that says it's done on unarmed targets, and there's nothing actually in the definition about subtlety.  As I recall, not too long ago Israel assassinated someone with a helicopter launched missile.  Assassination is about intentions, not method.


What you're actually describing is a mode that's near unworkable in warframe, and probably wouldn't be much fun anyway.  First of all, you're limited to one class of weapons - which not everybody is going to have, and which is hardly the core of this game.  Of the three factions in the game, two are essentially out of play in this mode due to distance - the infested can't shoot at all, and the corpus can't hit jack at range.  That leaves the Grinner...who don't miss.  Not a great basis for a game mode.


Plus, given the amount of trouble we have with AI in rescue targets, you want to add a mode where there are lots of dumb non-combatants who can instantly lose the mission for you?


This sounds more like whack-a-mole then anything appropriate here.

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Well seeing that by definition  An assassination is to murder a prominent person by surprise attack. Which the missions in the game are no were near being able to surprise attack any enemy in the game at all let allow the target of the mission. The way that they are now just doesn't work with what an assassination actually is. You also being a ninja and what ninja's for the most part did to kill their targets was to sneak and hide in the shadows aka stealth. The game mechanics are not up to par with what they need to be. It would be great if there was a system more like Tenchu, it had a stealth mechanic but also had a combat system where you could fight if you did get spotted.     

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