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Glaive and one hand pistol not deflecting shots



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One handed secondaries and glaives are a unique combination. It's a special set up that allows you to shot things while also able to throw the glaive (via holding down the melee button) without being forced to quick melee (to equip it), heavy attack, and swap back to your gun. This allows you to shoot things and seamlessly go to throwing the glaive without interrupting either.

Not a bug 🙂 , let's you go between shooting and throwing easily. If you're not a fan of it then I'd recommend using an dual pistol setup or equip the glaive as melee (hold the swap weapon button) when you want to use it.

EDIT: This is the only special setup relating to wielding guns and melee at the same time. There is no differentiating 1-hand/2-handed/dual weapons besides weapon classes (for instance you can pick up mission objectives while using a 2-handed great sword).

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