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[Warframe Concept] Rumble, The Earth Shattering Warframe


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Stats at rank 30: 700 Health, 300 Shields, 300 Armor, Energy 600, 1.0 Walk Speed

Passive: If you are hit with kinetic energy inside Rumble it will make a shock wave that will knock down nearby enemy's.


Slam Dunk: Rumble grabs a nearby enemy, and smashes them into the ground dealing impact damage, takes away 30 energy.

Seismic Pulse: Rumble slams into the ground making a huge shock wave and blasting any nearby enemy's away in a 15m radius and deals slash and impact damage, takes away 45 energy.

Earth Breaker: Rumble slams his leg into the ground, causing a mini earthquake and making the ground under enemy's to crack open and making enemy's to fall into the earth dealing deals massive impact damage, this ability costs 80 energy.

Kinetic Absorption / Distribution: Rumble puts his hand out to the enemy taking in all damage and reducing it by 75% and stores it inside rumble, you take all incoming damage for 5 seconds then it ends, when you use the ability again Rumble will transfer all the kinetic energy to all the enemy's you are facing dealing 2x the damage that was absorbed, this takes away 120 energy.

This warframe was pretty fun to make, I also hope that you enjoyed this Warframe Concept and give me some feedback!

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