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UI Button Labels are Wrong (they are being incorrectly pulled from Lunaro binds)


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The on-screen button prompts for (at least) chat and interact are incorrect when players change the bindings.

If you change chat from T for instance, it does not update the button displayed in the lower-left corner, which continues to say T. If you change the default interact key from X, the interact prompts continue to say X.

This is not because the prompts are hard-coded as the default buttons. If you change the Lunaro bindings, it updates these button prompts. The prompts are clearly just hooked up to the wrong options.

To reproduce the bug and show what is going on:

  1. Reset all keybinds (normal and Lunaro).
  2. Change the normal Interact keybind from X to F.
  3. Approach the Navigation console in the orbiter and observe that the button prompt still says X, not F like it should.
  4. Change the Interact keybind from X to G in the Lunaro keybinds.
  5. Approach the Navigation console in the orbiter again and observe that the button prompt now says G, not F (or X). It is incorrectly getting the prompt from the Lunaro keybinds.

This also occurs with the keybind for chat, and possibly other keybinds (not sure where else to look for in-game key prompts).

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