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Empyrean - Eventual NPC Crew Suggestion

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We should be able to fill the eventual NPC crew with converted Kuva Liches. As it stands they only show up once and a while, it'd be cool to see them more constantly, like how Shadow of Mordor has questing interactions with converted Orcs. I feel like Empyrean is an option to do this that should not be overlooked.

I also feel like the NPC crew should be included on day one of Empyrean. I don't have a constant group of 4 I play with, only usually 1 or 2 others for <5% of the time I'm playing Warframe. It's jarring to know the Railjack that I dumped a ton of resources into to play a new part of the game can't be fully enjoyed solo like most other parts of the game. This isn't raiding, we shouldn't need other people. If you are to require multiple players, we should have public lobbies to match. But for solo players, an NPC crew would work wonders in keeping them engaged, and if they were Kuva Liches, you'd keep people engaged in 2 systems instead of 1.

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5 hours ago, NoXHeart said:

I think having converted liches as crew members was something they were already at least throwing around the idea of?

Correct me if I'm wrong mind you

At this point we can only guess what DE changed. The base level of liches was 180 degrees different from what we've got, so I wouldn't be surprised if railjack will differentiate from previous showcases.

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