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Idea for resource utilisation for railjack


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I think we can all agree that using resources in order to craft ammo/energy for the railjack is not the best of ideas (its terrible actually.)

So, I have a suggestion:

Instead of using resources, give all refills a cooldown. Putting on resources will lower the duration of the cooldown.

For example. Lets say I want to use a Dome charge. I use it, now I have to wait for 40 seconds to use it again, which is very long.

If I input 30 coperonics, it will reduce the cooldown to 10 seconds, which is much more manageable.

after completing every mission, I would have spent 10 coperonics (This is a fixed value, and will not change), leaving 20 coperonics in storage, making the cooldown 20 seconds should I start with another mission. I will have to resupply the storages with 10 more coperonics to reduce the cooldown back down to 10 seconds.

If a boarding parties invade, then they will try to steal the resources, so we will have to remove them and prevent them from escaping with the resources.

This way, assuming no boarding parties invade, every railjack refill item will be available with 10 second cooldowns with 30 copernonics per storage. There is a cap of 30/30 of resources that can be invested with increments of 10 to prevent resource wastage by potential trolls (should resources be shared). You can, however, keep surpluses in the railjack's invertory, when required.

(personally, I want the energy management system that was scrapped to replace this system, but I don't think DE will do that. 😞 )

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Railjacks have a cargo hold/forge capacity stat. And that seems to effect how many of each tool you can have in reserve. They never explained the stat on stream. But a single dome charge was a third of the capacity bar. One revolite was the whole bar and individual uses of the tool seemed to bring it down in ~10% increments. Seems like they want low capacity and no large amount of saved spamming of missiles or health repair. 

So it won't matter if you can build a revolite in 40 secs or 10. It's offering multiple uses for everyone in one go and they mentioned more uses per recharge in balancing.

And engineering intrinsic skills which were not covered at all may already change build times, resource costs, and healing efficiently. We don't know.

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