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Early Request for Railjack combat


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So on the last devstream we saw some Railjack gameplay in action, and its great, BUT:

Those Rumbus/Squares around enemy ships indicating their position and the light-blue rounded squares around allies in Archwing....
I get it, The devteam played around and found it hard to keep track where everything is, its a big map all set to the black vaquum of space.

I understand the need for some indicators, however, it just looks....bad, it kills immersion for me, it does not even look like its suppose to be some computer tracking function like older games had:



So my request is: Can we pls have the option to turn it off?
OR even better, have an opacity slider in the options for this specific UI function? Because it might be useful to have I just want to tone it WAY down so as to not break immersion.
It just takes away from the entire experience for me.

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