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Contagion - Remove the delayed explosion's self damage!


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Contagion's projectile always has been embeded into enemies / surfaces but (i think) recently, when the projectile disappear after a while, the explosion that goes with it will self damage.

This is more broken than you think. For the most part, you'll be constantly slinging projectiles far forward (lest you just #*!%in explode and die from self damage), into the path where you're gonna go (and where the enemies are) to clear them out. The projectile embeded there is DELAYED, meaning when you're walking up to it (as you should be moving in that direction), you'll just explode and die from the timebomb that you threw yourself.

"So don't walk into them" : This is the problem. It completely slows the flow of movement down if I want to do something as simple as killing things and moving on. Why should I have to stop and wait for this very delayed projectile to go off (and probably into nothing because the initial explosion would have killed everything in that radius) if I don't want to be blasted into little pieces. Secondly, you CAN and WILL throw the projectile everywhere to be able to clear everything out. It is not possible to track every single goddamn contagions I throw out and "just avoid them". It ALSO doesn't help that the projectile are SMALL and depending on your energy color or whether or not the #*!%ed up lighting settings will screw with you, you pretty much can't even play by eye and go around them

So all you can do is sitting around for 1-2 second everytime you throw contagion for no a dumb reason. Guess how many times you'll do it per mission when it's your playstyle.


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With time I use to know the delay and go in operator to avoid the explosion, but I definitely agree it shouldn't be a problem.

So yeah, self damage from second explosion should be gone (replaced by stagger ?) or even all self damage from this arcane. This a melee arcane meaning you're somewhat supposed to use it at close range, or if you're not, at least you can do it accidentally if you jump while being too close from an enemy.
Alternatively, Cautious Shot could be usable on all weapon category and/or frame exilus slot to allow more comfortable use of explosive weapon on all categories including melee and contagion.

Also, this has nothing to do with self damage, but I honestly think Exodia Contagion shots should contribute to the combo counter. Maybe a fix amont instead of the number of enemies hit (like gunblades), but at least 1 to reset the combo decay with a contagion shot.

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