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New Lich still NOT spawning!


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Even though one of the supposed fixes this last update was suppose to correct the new lich spawn but it is clear that it hasn't. I've now done Adaro 3xs over all with the heavy flicker and all three times no message and no lich spawn!


Edited to add - tested and confirmed. There was also a NIGHTMARE mission on Adaro, I made mention in another bug report about losing a kuva lich mission after having done a NM mission on the same node last week when doing them for the NW challenge. This IS indeed a problem. The Kuva Lich missions vs the Nightmare missions do NOT know how to work together. I went into the no shield NM mission and even got the heavy flicker on that mission but again no lich spawn. I completed the NM mission to get rid of it off Adaro, went back in with my Ivara and low and behold my lich spawns.

PLEASE with such a massive and wonderful addition to WF, fix these program confusions with the lich missions vs NM missions and the Corpus tile sets not giving the correct mission type vs lich missions as well!!

Edited by (PS4)PrincessDragonN1
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