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With old Combo counter his augument was awesome. Now - why the hell do i need it,reaching 225 hits isnt hard. And damage dropped down by half after melee rework...meh. So,the result of the melee patch - Ash ult is weaker, Ash ult augument is meh. Well,thx, i think i will play him in like 2022 year when they will maybe rework him or w/e

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I would like to add that it appears the manual teleport/kill has been broken... I've not been able to trigger it since the melee rework. Also, while we are talking about Ash being reworked, I vote for having his arm blades used in Fatal Teleport, just as he uses them during Blade Storm, rather than having to arm a melee weapon. Furthermore, his arm blades should be made Exalted.

Ash definitely requires a revisit, as he is technically broken! 


Edit: I'll correct myself on this... It seems something has changed with the manual trigger of the Teleport/Kill. Or at least I don't recall ever having to do this, but it's triggered now by pressing X, like you would for a stealth kill.

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@-CM-Angus Would you consider this idea an improvement to Ash?



·       All abilities can be cast while on a zipline.


1st Ability:

·       If enemy is killed in one hit it is considered as a stealth kill.

·       Holding the ability will make both shurikens target the enemy you`re aiming at dealing double slash damage and adds critical damage based on what crit damage mods you have equipped on your melee weapon.

·       The more health the enemy loses, the slower the enemy moves when bleeding out.

·       When the enemy stops bleeding, it will go back to its normal movement speed.

·       Depending on how much combo multi you have will determine how much damage it will do.

·       The more you use the ability, the less energy it takes.


2nd Ability:

·       Increase the cast stun duration to 4 sec.

·       The smoke left behind will last for 10 seconds.

·       The smoke has a 5m radius which can be increased by range mods.

·       Enemies that enter the smoke will have a 6 sec stun duration and are 40% more susceptible to damage.

·       All stun durations cannot be increased by duration mods.

·       Smoke cloud`s radius can be increased by range mods.

·       The stun and the smoke damage buff will also work on bosses.

·       When Ash is invisible, the apparitions from bs are also invisible.


3rd Ability:

·       Holding the ability will show an indicator of where he can teleport to from the radical.

·       Teleporting to a wall will make ash hang to the wall for 3 seconds.

·       Not only it can teleport to anything with a health bar, it can also teleport to anything that can be scanned.

·       You can teleport through windows if there are allies, npcs, enemies or objects with a health bar or is scannable on the other side of it.

·       You are able to teleport to enemies that are in the air.

·       After teleporting in the air, preforming melee attacks will keep him in the air.


4th Ability:

·       When activating the ability, it will start instantly.

·       Pressing the ability will bring you into the animation while holding the ability will send clones out to kill instead of you.

·       If you want to jump out of bs, press the ability again and the clones will continue to kill enemies.

·       Enemies that are red can be killed by players.

·       There is no limit to how many enemies he can kill within the radius of the enemy he`s aiming at.

·       An indicator is shown of the number of enemies that are going to be killed by bs.

·       Sliding before activating will increase the clones` attacks by 20%.


Since Ash doesn`t have any synergy (or any good ones) here are some that will improve his performance;



Smoke Screen + Shuriken, Teleport & Blade Storm:

·       If you use any ability while you`re invisible, enemy bodies will disappear.

·       The energy cost will also be cut down by half.

·       If you teleport to an enemy while you are invisible you will stun enemies around you.

·       Using you 1st, 3rd and 4th abilities on the smoke victim will increase the damage dealt to the enemy.


Shuriken + Teleport:

·       Using the 1st ability on an enemy will show their health bar through walls longer, making you able to teleport to them as long as they are continually receiving bleeding ticks.


Since DE is getting rid of the combo multiplier, here is a solution to building up damage.

 Shuriken + Blade Storm:

To increase the damage of bs you must use shuriken. As long as enemies continuously keep receiving bleeding ticks, your damage will increase over time with no limit.

·       Enemies need to be alive and bleeding from the 1st ability for bs to build up damage.

·       If no enemies are affected by slash, you will have five seconds before the damage is lost.

·       If the five seconds is up, the stored-up damage will decay overtime instead of disappearing completely.

·       There will be an indicator showing the amount of damage you are accumulating and the amount of time you have left.

·       If you get downed, the timer won`t start until you are revived.



·       Make Ash be able to teleport in and out of the same grates instead of just one direction.

·       Make opening enemies up to finishers consistent with 3rd ability.

·       Sometime ash is glitched and stabbing the air and he is unseen when using bs due to camera angle.

·       Make the “clones” look like him (like wukong`s 1st ability) instead of looking like a hologram.

·       When blade storm is done, Ash doesn’t appear at the same place he started at but instead is teleported in a different location.



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9 minutes ago, (XB1)Ancient Weapon said:

Furthermore, his arm blades should be made Exalted.

Ash definitely requires a revisit, as he is technically broken! 

With how melee is now, please no more exalteds until they can use acolyte mods.

Currently Ash is a great melee frame with Fatal Teleport and Rising Storm augments. Great passive extra combo counter, meaning he can use another aura than swift momentum or waste a mod slot on drifting contact. It also helps build/maintain combo at range. Fatal Teleport is just a lovely utility, either for that 1HK on a distant heavy unit or to simply knock some poor jihadist on his ass in disruption for a quick kill. Then you have his normal shurikens to just spam trash dead.

He is probably my third favorite frame for disruption after Khora and Garuda.

edit: If they wanna buff him some, make his 4 work like Ember's 4.

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Ash is actually one of my top performers and the melee update only made him more deadly; he's not a straightforward build anymore either though so I'm not surprised if people are struggling to reach potential with him. Here's a link to my build for him, feel free to modify it towards your tastes: https://imgur.com/a/mWafp5F

Big thing to do is acquire the Rising Storm augment which lets him maintain his melee combo for 15 seconds (total) and build his combo super quickly. This will quickly maximize the damage Bladestorm can do and is great for clearing out low tier enemies. 

The next thing to do is make sure your melee weapon is equipped for Combo Efficiency so that you can maintain the huge multiplier you'll get from Rising Storm. The mod Focus Energy and then the Zenurik ability Inner Might will cap out your combo efficiency, which will let you chain heavy attacks together at a 12x multiplier and completely melt anything and everything in front of you (tested on level 145 heavy gunners/bombards). Build for damage and armor penetration (Corrosive/Radiation, Fire/Ice) Attack from stealth for even more damage, although you wouldn't really need it. 

Teleport Finishers still work as well if you want to kill one guy specifically: use Teleport and then hit the activate button to do a melee finisher. It's a bit harder on your energy and a bit slower DPS since you aren't hitting everyone at once, but is situationally useful. 

Some other notes about his build: 
1. Power Strength is only as mandatory as the level of enemy you regularly encounter; I find 155% with the Umbral Mods sufficient for normal content. I wasn't noticing that my kill speed seemed dramatically better at higher values. 
2. Hunter Adrenaline is useful if you over-extend and use all your energy so that you can always pop back into Smokescreen before all of your HP is gone while also helping to fuel Bladestorm. This isn't 100% necessary since you'll want to run Zenurik for the Combo Efficiency, but I do find I die less with it on. 
3. Smokescreen has always had a pretty short duration, so mods won't make a dramatic impact here either way. I prefer it to be around 100%. Constitution is important because it reduces the amount of time you spend picking yourself off the ground. Getting knocked over while surrounded by enemies is usually a death sentence. 
4. Nobody uses Rush. I use Rush. 


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4 hours ago, (XB1)Ancient Weapon said:

Ash definitely requires a revisit, as he is technically broken! 

No, he isn't...

If you don't have fatal teleport installed Ash does precisely what you describe on teleport attacks.

As to the rest of the comments in this thread?

Players saying, "Bring back old Bladestorm" know why it got changed.

...Be careful with that kind of talk.

Ember just got out of cautionary tale status and ya'll are basically nominating Ash for it.

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