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Weird Larvling spawning - is Russian connection the cause?


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Welp, there are some very RAW things about the Lich system. As I mentioned in one of my previous topics, Lich, despite a full rage meter, can avoid you for a huge ammount of missions, for example.
But this is about the creation of a Lich. Which is not only possible  just on 3 planets(and, ocassionaly, Sedna), but is also quite bugged. For example, a Larvling can't be spawned on Mobile Defence. The reason I suggest this is a bug - the light flickers, as if Larvling is here, but no matter how much I search the map, there is no sign of it, and there is no Transmission from Kuva Granny saying "SUBDJECKT FOUND!!!11". Tried multiple times, same result. Maybe it's my own personall stuff, as there are, like DE mentioned, "russian connection issue fixes upcoming", especially considering all the crazy stuff that happened to my friends, who had trully bad connection problems. But still, had to report that annoying matter.
Are there actually other missions, where Larvlings don't spawn or have problems spawning, like mine?
Please, if you know any non-archwing  "normal" grineer 20+ lvl missions like that, write them here. That would be quite helpfull. Thanks in advance.

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