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The swap image menu for decorations needs actual search tags and hover previews


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As far as menus go the one used to select images to be put in display is bare bones functionality wise.

The images are presented in small square thumbnails, which most of times cuts off a lot of the image, only the cephalon fragment images have unique titles with all fan art being titled just as "Fan Art", making the search bar useless.

All of these problems make the whole process of choosing a particular image a difficult task.

So there's two things that could be done to make this menu better:

  • hoovering over the image open a bigger preview of that pic, showing it in its actual aspect ratio.
  • Images having individual tags based on what they are depicting

I've made a mock up of how these changes would look like


This would allow better selection of images. Want to display your love for an specific frame? Just search it on the search bar and boom you are shown the images that contain them. and as you place your mouse/cursor around you get this nice preview of what the image looks like.

Things that should be tags in this system (in order of priority):

  • Individual warframes
  • NPCs (Lotus, cetus and fortuna)
  • Bosses

Other tags that are not that important but would still be nice to be able to search for

  • Faction (grineer, corpus, etc.)
  • Companions (kubrows sentinels etc.)
  • Tileset (images depicting Earth, void etc.)
  • Generic tag for operators


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