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Weapon idea. A secondary gun that heals allies and shields them from certain damage types.


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We have plenty of ways to heal in game, Magus repair etc.. But i wanted something a bit more fun that has a trade off.
My idea is for a secondary weapon that heals allies for the amount of physical damage, regardless of type, and protects/wards them from elemental damage if elemental mods are placed on it.
So if someone mods it for radiation, and it does 2k radiation per shot, it'll shield an ally for 2k radiation damage and every status effect will take a % off. 20% or 25% or something.
The trade off, it doesn't do anything to enemies, OR it does 1/2 it's listed stats, as damage, so if it's modded for 500physical(healing) and 2k gas(ward) it'll only do 250 physical and 1k gas to enemies. This gun would not heal the enemies, nor would it heal yourself. Use a Winds of Purity Furis if you want self healing. :D (furis prime/wraith please)

Small clip 5 or so,
1.5 fire rate, 
10% crit chance(does affect healing/wards),
1.5x crit damage, 
20% status chance(only for enemies).
Protections seen as buffs next to allies names, projectiles have travel time, like darts. Wards are untimed and last until they're consumed. Ward's capacity can be refreshed when hit with a higher ward. So if your ally has 300 of the 1k gas ward left, and they get hit for 1k, it'll refresh it to 1k. If it crits, it'll go to 1.5k. No headshot multi on heals.
Weapon is 1 handed an can be wielded with glaives like other single pistols. Weapon blueprint from the Chem Lab. Can use pistol skins like the stratus and the nusku.

People, like myself would have so many loadouts for these things. for elemental enhancement sorties, and radiation hazard sorties. and for missions where bombards and napalms are a problem, i'll be speccing for radiation or blast, or heat etc. For infested missions i'll have various toxin loadouts to protect my allies. I wouldn't be so dependant on magus repair and vazarin, which i use a LOT as it is. I'm willing to sacrifice some damage output to ally protection/healing. I could just as easily use my catchmoon still, which with my riven, is still OP.

I always thought the Hema would be perfect if it had health siphon on every shot not just headshots, like winds of purity. And if i could shoot allies and give them a tiny bit of health with it. As it sits, it's pretty bad.

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