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Mass Transmutation


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So you guys know the transmutation system? The one where you can fuse 4 unwanted mods into something that might be worth it? Well, I've gotta say, I do like the system. It gave me my copy of Condition Overload after all.

But my one issue with the system is that you have to do it 1 at a time and selecting four mods at a time. When you have hundreds of mods, or stacks of mods that number greater than four, it can get extremely tedious. You can't just select a giant stack of a couple hundred mods or, heaven forbid, multiple stacks, numbering even higher, and transmute ALL of them.

I would use this excellent system a helluva lot more if this were the case. I'd love to transmute all those mods that are just sitting there in my inventory that I am not going to use for something else. It would make an excellent way to get some of the stupendously rare mods.

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