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Buff Icon QoL Suggestions


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Right now I feel like the UI could be a little bit better for helping keep track of buffs/debuffs. Sometimes I end up in missions with 5+ icons constantly flicking on/off (and that's during solo play), and since I have two buffs going regularly that use the same icon and also have a lot of numbers associated with them (Iron Renewal and Mecha Pulse), it can be especially disorientating when that is going on, and in a game that can move incredibly fast, that sometimes means the difference between living and dying.

First: I think buffs should be colour-coded more specifically by source. Something I couldn't help but notice though while playing is that colour helps with quick recognition, but goes incredibly underutilised. It separates buffs from debuffs (as well as a few other niche cases like the focus pickup being yellow) but other than that doesn't really seem to be optimised, at least for my experience. The blue/red for buffs/debuffs is nice and helps a lot for reacting to removing debuffs (when you can), but something that little detail doesn't help with is helping tell me when my abilities have run out and need recasting. I'm not sure how hard it would be to implement, but at the very least colour coding a player's own casted buffs (I.e. from abilities) to something other than blue would be a really neat touch to quickly identify when something needs a recast, and probably also help slightly with at least a couple of cases of reused icons. I'm sure colour could also be used in a couple of other cases, but separating casted buffs and buffs from other players or mods would be my personal priority. As an aside, I also think that extra consideration should be taken for colourblind players, possibly in the form of allowing players to modify the colours of their icons to help visibility, or even adding a highlight such as a box or circle around certain icons. (Of course, these would be options.)

Second: Numbers - they're everywhere on my icons and sometimes feel a little bit unnecessary or inconsistent. Not all of them, but for example counting down to the decimal for things like duration is a little bit overkill in my eyes and tends to distract from the main focus of what the number means, since counting down the millisecond is more often than not redundant (though I'm sure there are players that appreciate the accuracy - likely would end up as another option). In contrast, certain numbers such as the power of an ability actually do help with identifying what a buff is at a glance, but when there are multiple numbers to an icon (for example to show duration and strength, as is coincidentally the case again with both Iron Renewal and Mecha Pulse) sometimes the positioning inconsistencies can throw me off. Generally speaking, I feel like static numbers such as ability strengths should be consistently above the icon (they often show up in little black boxes when the area below the icon is needed for something else), since while they are helpful information, those numbers are not as important to see at a glance as things like ability duration or a growing % is (as is the case with holstered weapon reload mods). Putting the less important information consistently towards the edges of the screen seems just like the better way to do that.

Lastly: An option to show buffs for players' companions would be nice. This is actually less important of an issue for me, but knowing what is and isn't affecting my companion would help in quite a few cases. Usually there is some other type of feedback for this (particle effects, glows, etc.) but something a little more easy to tell me a buff is working for my companion would be a nice touch. It would also show me if my companion is under a debuff/CC while they're out of view, and knowing that I need to hop to their aid without watching them 24/7 would be useful information. (The breakable pipes in the Corpus Gas City are a very notable example IMO, as they tend to stunlock Kubrows (not sure for Kavats, though I assume the same) and deal significant damage. In my personal case I'll sometimes set them off on accident while breaking containers and trying to speed my way through the map. My companion can survive if they have/get Renewal, but I don't always have that active on Jupiter, given that the missions are not particularly difficult for those who are sufficiently modded.)

I'm sure these don't seem like huge changes and there's probably more pressing things about the UI that need changing, but these would likely be nice quality of life changes for at least a few players myself included. I don't have the greatest eyesight and I also play primarily in the Switch's handheld mode, so you can obviously imagine that quickly identifying icons and small numbers isn't always the easiest. Any advantage I can get would be great, even if they're minor.

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1 minute ago, taiiat said:

i don't agree for fractions of a second - having Tenths is valuable. i wouldn't want to have more than Tenths, and since we don't anyways, i don't have to worry about that.

Probably best then that it does become exclusively an option like I suggested (Simplified numbers likely not as the default.). Again, I'm sure there are other players (maybe most, in hindsight) like you that appreciate the accuracy! -and it might even sound like a silly thing to consider numbers ticking quickly as "complicated" to some, but it definitely would be a nice quality of life change for me, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that. This may be an extreme example, but I have friends with Dyscalculia, and smaller numbers for them are significantly easier to recognise on short notice. Never hurt to have more options for cases such as mine or those!

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