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Not Sure If This Is A Bug But..


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.. I was trying to do a clean stealth-run on oneof the mercury maps to level up my Paris andwhen I "cleared" a room and moved on through the vents I got shot at - from behind - and when I turn around a grineer had spawned right behind me together with 3 more in front of me as I turned back around again.


Also when I run around at times in the same room for like a minute or two mobs spawn inside my character, and this is happening quite frequently since I'm as far away from a "rusher" you can get; I explore, look for loot in every corner and try to be as stealthy as possible - and yet they spawn spot on to where I am.


I'm just curious if this is meant to be because it's very annoying and makes stealth-weapons (or silent ones) completely useless..



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