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Plains Missions Breaking


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I don't know what it is about the plains lately, but things just seem to be breaking left and right, and it's gotten to the point I'm actually annoyed enough to whine about it on the bug forum.

First, Sortie on Plains. We get a 'capture location' mission, but one of the enemies at the location spawned inside the ground, so we couldn't clear the area. Abort.

Then, Sortie on Plains again. Drone gets stuck on world geometry. Abort.

Solo mission, Drone stuck on geometry. Again. Abort.

Solo Mission, 'free captive'. I kill the guards, but I'm unable to hack the collar. I look at my map and there's another Hostile marker 500m away. I archwing off to find it, despite knowing it's too late now, and it takes me to A MINE ENTRANCE. One of the guards spawned INSIDE THE MINE. Mission Fail.


As a serious question, why the heck do drones not ACTUALLY fly rather than just pretending to while actually being groundbound? It would completely remove all of these pathing problems.

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