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Kuva Lich weakness



"In addition to their randomly generated elemental weaknesses and resistances, all Liches use ShieldsFerrite Armor, and Flesh."

Quoted from the wiki under Kuva Lich. Is using an element from the randomly generated elemental weakness more effective than just using corrosive because the lich has ferrite armor? For example, my lich is weak to radiation. Should I use radiation to kill it instead of using corrosive for max damage output? I've looked everywhere and couldn't find the answer.

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20 minutes ago, TheGrimCorsair said:

Corrosive with, optionally, Primed Bane of the Grineer is almost always the way to go. Only exception is if the Lich has Corrosive Immunity or Resistance, then you replace Corrosive with Toxin damage.

If they also have Toxin resistance then you use their actual weakness with a slight disfavour towards Blast.

DE armour scaling in a nutshell.

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