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Mission Timeout on Jupiter Syndicate Disruption Missions?

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It's annoying how there's a massive level with a lot of spots to hunt for Syndicate medallions, with 4 Conduits spread across two tiles, and constant streams of enemies only stopped by completing the conduits, but completing the conduits causes mission timeout after a certain point, preventing medallion hunting in peace. Compared to every other Syndicate mission where outside of survival, enemies don't constantly flood nor cause a mission timeout.

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48 minutes ago, Kaggelos said:

Wait, this is still a thing?

Sure is. Even happened a second time since my previous reply. I use Limbo with max range/efficiency cataclysm to help hunt for medallions, and could once again tell from loot radar that a medallion (or an Ayatan, can't tell behind those doors) was behind a locked gas city door, and I couldn't get to it because mission timeout was almost up.

It makes me furious that the game forces you to abandon any other goodies in the mission for reasons unknown.

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