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Let the companions follow.


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Now that we got the liches and high level mission are becoming a norm, isn't about time we dust off that damn topic of giving actual patterns to companions that aren't sentinels?

"They teleport" I might be 7 rooms or 1000m+ away and my kavat will still be back there somewhere brainfarting doing absolutely nothing and if I do manage to revive him he's still stuck in there dying over and over and over and over again at which point I wish there was a way I could mercy kill him myself to put him ouf of his misery.

Needing to stuck to a frame that has so many hp that you ask why are you even there or a permanently invisible (still better give some hp 'cause trust me the companion will still find a way to die otherwise) feels so monotonous, and don't even make me think about the sentinel mods given for them. "Enhanced Vitality", so enhanced that Link Health still gives more hp without Vitality on. The only breeds I found autonomous are the Huras Kubrow and the Adarza Kavat. I didn't even bother to test Vasca Kavat since its skills are based on a chance instead of being a passive for them, yeah, like if it's gonna destroy the map by the time it's gonna do anything or gives an ungodly buff.

I gave 'em all the possible mods for survival, sometimes even at the cost of utility ones to make space even for more, but nothing is gonna change if they're not even gonna use their own abilities. I'm not asking to give 'em an exalted-like slot to put the so many attack mods they have or to give a mod that says "literally immortal."
All I want is that it at least follows me, not like a sentinel but at least it moves.

Like, look at Venari instead. She's such a sweet doll.

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