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Enemy Spawn behavior optimization


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Hi, So for a while i noticed the script for spawning enemies dynamically around the players have been struggling with performance varying from poor to overwhelming from gamemode to gamemode.
my understanding is it spawns enemies until there's 35, or more in case of some of the latest gamemodes, it works by spawning a set distance "out of sight" from the players.
this would be more than necessary for a single player game, but warframe is a rather odd game, and not really single player.

Suggestion: instead of having the goal be simply "spawn 35 enemies near player" lets alter this to be "spawn 35 enemies near players in tile but count any directly connected tiles towards spawn limit"
but here's what makes this way better, in this way if players split up for whatever reason or are covering more than 1-3 tiles, then you can have more than 35 enemies!   instead we could have a new global enemy limit of something like 60.
the idea is that every area that players occupy should have enemies, not too many, not too few, to make sure that this "Horde density" is nice and proper, i believe we should do this.

Any devs reading, drop a comment to let us know our voices have been heard.
To any fellow players, please help me spread the word of this idea!    better spawn AI means enemies spawn better 🙂

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