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Giant annoying blob of particle fx on my Daikyu?


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I've been using my Daikyu again, just for fun, and I've found that about halfway through a mission, it will gain this giant blob of particle fx on the tip of the arrow. It makes it a little hard to see what I'm aiming at, especially if I'm tracking a target. It seems to appear regardless of whether or not I've got any elemental mods on my bow. Is there a reason this is appearing? Can it... not appear anymore?


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Are you using any Daikyu specific mods?

Are you using any Arcanes that affect it or are triggered by it?

If you turn down the particle limit, does it go away?

Are you using an arrow skin? If so, does removing it fix the issue? If not, does adding one fix the issue?

Are you using a bow skin? Same steps as above.

Answering these questions might help narrow down the source of the bug, and help DE fix it.

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