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Vasca question/comment



Returning to the game after taking a vacation from it, so naturally the first thing I do is get to making of one the vampire space kitty.  After it was made I went out to level her up, you know the usual jazz. 

However something I noticed two things about the precept Draining Bite that lead to some questions. The first question is this mod on a timer? I ask as I first had this mod in the left side second row precept polarity and it did nothing, so moved it to the first row on the left hand side and it seemed to kick in every min plus, so is this an intended thing or a glitch on my end?

The second thing I noticed is when I use Draining Bite with Pack Leader it seems either two cancel each other out, or Draining Bite stops Pack Leader from working, again is this a glitch on my end or how it is intended to work? If it is the Latter, then I will stick with my regular Kavat, and wait form Transfusion to be available to it.

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Historically, the order of precepts on sentinels affected the priority of each ability. That means the ability placed first was used most often. It sounds as if this mechanic is affecting you. So, I suggest placing the mods in the order you prefer. And see if that addresses your concerns. 

Draining Bite works when the kavat attacks. 
Pack Leader works when you attack. 

If you're attacking and the kavat is not being healed then that is a bug. 

If so, post to bugs and list the steps to reproduce the issue. 





1) Equip Vasca kavat. 
2) Equip Draining Bite to slot 0. 
3) Equip Pack Leader to slot 1. 
4) Solo on Plains of Eidolon. 
5) Kavat takes damage to health. 
6) Melee attacks from my warframe do not heal it. 

[link to imgur]


Transfusion is specific to Vasca kavats and won't be available to other types. 

If you want to use the revive mechanic, I suggest using the Vasca kavat with Pack Leader and Transfusion. 

If you don't like the kavat mechanic, you might also try Sacrifice with a sentinel or Phoenix Renewal for Oberon. 

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