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UI Improvement for requiem mod


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If i want to change requiem mod for the kuva lich after a fail attemp. i have to click kuva lich icon on star chart->loading->see which requiem mod i need->click the button to change mod ->loading->show up on arsenal->loading->mod my parazon->press ESC->loading->back to the lich menu->press ESC->run from arsenal back to navigator->press interact key to open star chart.

I think the reason of why UI working like this must have something to do with code,but it's really inconvenient. In the very short time there are 4 loading. If your network is as bad as mine, each loading is painful and every time when i encounter kuva lich and fail to kill him i have to go through this again. 

Is there any chance we can just change requiem mod in kuva lich menu? Then there will be only one loading and i can go back to star chart and play.


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