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Exalted weapon skins


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Hey Tenno.


You are able to use different skin on Prime Warframes that possess "Exalted weapons", such as you can change skin and helmet on Excalibur Umbra / Prime to standard skin, or different skin, but you
are not able to change the appearance of their "Exalted weapons" (unless they have "deluxe" skin that also offers alternate appearance for the said weapon).

That being said, for example, you can change skin for a weapon from Mesa's Regulators ( Regulators->Mesa Presidio Regulators Skin), alternatively Mesa Prime's Regulators ( Regulators Prime -> Mesa Presidio Regulators Skin), but you can not alter the skin from ( Prime Regulators -> Regulators)

(i am aware that you can re-skin a Prime/Umbra Warframe with regular skins, but not standard Warframes with their Prime/Umbra variations, ie Excal Umbra using default Excal skin is possible, but not Excal using Excal Umbra skin, hence i dont ask to have option to switch standard Regulators to Regulators Prime on normal non-Prime Mesa).

TL;DR I am just asking to add an option for "Fashionframe" purposes so we can alter "Exalted weapon" appearance of Prime/Umbra Warframes to their respective regular non-Prime/Umbra variations. This feature has currently impact on very few Warframes, but sooner or later, more will share this....ermm..."imperfection" ?

The list of Warframes having "Exalted weapon" :

Ivara - Prime will soon will be affected
Excal - both Umbra and Prime variations are affected
Mesa - Prime is affected
Wukong - Prime is affected

Baruuk - does not currently have Prime and/or deluxe skin
Garuda - does not currently have Prime and/or deluxe skin
Hildryn - does not currently have Prime and/or deluxe skin
Titania - does not currently have Prime and/or deluxe skin (give it another 3 months and she will be affected by this as well)
Valkyr - completely unaffected, since you cant alter the appearance of the Talons (only energy color can)

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