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Kuva Lich, how to efficiently farm with friends


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As you must know, there are two schools to farm kuva lichs: kill on sight and rush missions, or only kill when you know a requiem mod can work.

There are many complaints about the system, like it takes too much time to grind the murmures or the lich should always appear when I want her to, or the the lack of multiplayer potential. Most complaints though are viewed along a single philosophy, that it should be fast to roll kuva weapons, and these people will often blitz through missions and murder any lich they see as soon as she appears and blame their comrades if they don't get rid of her soon enough. And all this is because they think their way is the only possible one.

But it actually appears that there is an other way, but it goes a bit contrary to the way Lotus trained trained us for so long.

First, murmures are not earned on a per mission basis, they come with thralls that appear *regularly* through a mission. So blitzing the mission is pointless. The longer you drag the mission, the more thralls you see, up to a point. You'll be lucky to get 4 thralls in a capture mission that last 2'30", but you'll lose time loading orbiter and mission and your lich will not have time to appear. On the other hand you can a dozen of thralls in a mission that last ten minutes, and you're guaranteed to see your lich if she was meant to come in this time.

So this is the first thing: taking your time in a mission does not waste it. But more comes from the lich.

It is actually very detrimental to try a requiem mod too fast against a lich. Because she will convert the grineers near her into thralls, which means more murmures.

I know most everyone knows that, and you can indeed milk her of thralls before trying a requiem for the added murmures. But this will also reset her anger.

It takes about 3 missions to make your lich angry enough for her to show up when she is at peace. On the other hand, when she's infuriated, she will show up each and every mission you do, provided you're not too fast to do it.

A lich can easily convert 10 thralls while she stays alive and well. So, if you try a requiem, you'll get 10 murmures but you'll lose on 20 thralls after that. Thralls that go for your friends too, and not only for yourself.

Hence, a lich is better alive and furious than undead and at peace.

But indeed you'll need to try your requiem at some point. And you want to do this before you know all three or the murmures will be wasted.

The best procedure here is to farm thralls in missions long enough to get as much of them as you can. And when your lich shows up, you want her to stay alive as long as she spawns thralls. So you want a mission with plenty of grineers, and you may even want to lead her to more grineers if you accidentally kill them all around you. This makes mobile defense, sabotage and disruption among the best mission types. Survival is good too, but thralls will stop spawning without a lich to convert them after the timer reach 0. Defense and interception are good but have a time limit.

Now, if you don't have a requiem to try, you want to NOT kill the lich. So the next mission you milk her more, and *then*, you can try your requiem. If it doesn't work, bad luck. If it does, do NOT try the second if you don't know it. You want to minimize the downtime where the lich is at peace. If the first requiem is the correct one, very well. Next mission she'll come again and provide more thralls. And she'll provide them for everyone, and you'll discover the next requiem that much faster.

If the requiem wasn't the correct one, you die and your lich is at peace, you're back to farming thralls to make her angry again. But if you proceed this way, on the worst possible scenario, you'll fail 3 times. This will happen once every three lich on average. And during these downtimes, you might have other people's lichs providing thralls and murmures.

It's the other benefit of this method: partying with someone who's lich is on another planet is not such a bad thing, because it allows to mutualize the good mission types.

Now I agree that the system could be improved to be more adapted when you play with friends. Thralls killed in a mission on a planet your lich doesn't controle should still make her angry. But this methods reduces a lot the randomness to kill the lich. You won't get the chance at killing her in a few missions, but this dramatically reduce the downtimes where she doesn't show up, which reduce the number of missions you need to do, albeit at the cost of making them longer, and above all it largely decrease the event where you have discovered all three requiem but you wait for her to show up. This methods is better for your fellow tenno too as you don't take the murmures for yourself but share them to the team, and would everyone do it, you wouldn't even be sad that your lich didn't came to see you.

There are still some mechanic we don't understand and some things could certainly be polished by DE. But the game is also what we make it. And I think this method is more fun to play and better promote tenno cooperation, without being less effective than the other. A win-win.

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17 minutes ago, MBouh said:

It is actually very detrimental to try a requiem mod too fast against a lich. Because she will convert the grineers near her into thralls, which means more murmures

I would recommend doing this only when you're close to reaching the max amount of thralls in a mission.

Doing it too early in a match will only prevent other people's Lich from spawning, thus preventing them from trying their Paragon Mod sequence.

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28 minutes ago, MBouh said:

It takes about 3 missions to make your lich angry enough for her to show up when she is at peace. On the other hand, when she's infuriated, she will show up each and every mission you do, provided you're not too fast to do it.

Not really.
Its 100% pure RNG.

I've done 4 or 5 survival missions in a row when my Lich was at max Rage (I was playing with one other friend who didn't have a lich) and it just refused to spawn.
Meanwhile I've had good luck where I'll see a lich every other mission like clockwork.  I've actually had a level lich spawn 5 missions in a row even though its rage reset due to me failing a parazon combination and causing it to level up.

Some people are lucky with their lich spawns, some just aren't.
Longest I've personally gone is 12 missions at max rage before my lich made another appearance (basically wasted more than an hour for absolutely nothing to happen), and I wasn't rushing through any missions.

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1 hour ago, MBouh said:


It's best to down but not finish the converted Thralls after the Lich spawns. After the number of downed Thralls begins to take a noticeable impact on enemy spawns, you try the Lich to level it up and instantly reset Rage. Then the Thralls can be finished to increase Rage back and if done correctly, the next mission will have the Lich ready to spawn. If not then it will usually be 1 mission worth of Thralls.

After the Lich reaches level 5 they will stop resetting Rage. From there it becomes better to just blitz through missions since they only despawn after a certain number of Thrall kills. While it can work to farm converted Thralls, it's much faster to just brute force the sequence. On average you will unlock 2 Requiems and brute force the third.

Also the Murmurs are 36, 60 and 84 with 8 per failed attempt.

The problem with trying to set up organized groups for this is the fact that Lich territory are on a per player basis. It's just become a common courtesy to blitz missions in pubs so you should be joining pubs with that mentality. Otherwise, it's just too much trouble.

While it may be good to just maintain high Rage and farm converted Thralls, it's detrimental when attempting to sequence and kill. You will fail so you will reset the rage inevitably. If you're having to kill more Thralls just to increase Rage after gathering Murmurs then you're taking more time overall. Also keeping a low level Lich means you will definitely run out of good mission nodes to run.

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- lich rage don't reset at level 5, so if you push it up there, it will be very easy to get them to spawn all the time and farm for murmurs

- if the lich doesn't level up and gain more mission, it won't take long until you run out of the "good mission types" such as survival, defense. Hence, it is far better to just stab them just so they can occupy more planets and give you more options.

Overall, I am pretty sure pushing for a high level lich will be beneficial so long higher level lich and enemies do not hinder your mission progression speed. (ie, if you can handle them easily)

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Like the above poster said. RNG giveth and RNG taketh away.

I usually kill the Lich and Rush the missions(my experience shows that is alot faster especially for the first 2 clues), and usually slay it before I find out the last clue simply through trial and error. But sometimes the lich just won't spawn.

Like for instance I farmed all 3 clues, and I knew the exact order, and it took 3 or 4 missions for the Lich to spawn after that. Meaning the time is wasted, as well as the murmur. 

So the whole Lich thing is just thoughtless RNG layer on top of another. It deliberately wastes your time.

 I think Lich spawn should be a guarantee after getting 2 clues, regardless of whatever that BS meter shows.

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