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Just a random mission type idea~


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If I'm understanding the way the Tenno command the warframes right, they use transference over great distances to control their warframes anywhere... but what if something interrupted your connection to your warframe and you could no longer command it from where you were?  The Lotus, or Faux-Lotus, could have missions to assist other Tenno by temporarily controlling their Warframe to complete a mission.  It wouldn't be actual peoples Warframes, but NPC generated warframes with somewhat random loadouts tailored to the mission they were in when they lost connection.  You would help them complete their mission and extract their warframe for them until they were in range to take command of it again.  And maybe in a different type, but still related, mission, you could have tenno complete a little quest so that they could temporarily inhabit their warframes, instead of controlling from a distancce~ Sorta like haunting your own warframe, ala Harrow, so that you couldn't lose connection to your warframe.  The down side would be, for that mission, you could not benefit from tenno focus school buffs, nor could the tenno hop out of their warframe.. all their focus would be on maintaining control of their warframe, atleast until a certain condition was met?  Perhaps a way to wake up your warframes, ala Umbra warframe, so that the warframe itself could complete a task beyond a veil that you couldn't talk to it~ and depending on what warframe you picked and how you loaded it out, you could have it pass thru an area in the distance, while your operator also makes the track to meet up with it on the other side?  Just random little thoughts I had to expand on the operator/warframe relationship^^ 

Have a nice day everyone^^


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