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Disruption is almost one of the most fun game modes


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But you completely ruin it with the damn Energy Drain debuff.  FFS, why are you so obsessed with ruining Ability centric frames and forcing people to use only meta frames with meta weapons?   This is fricking equivalent to a debuff that says "You cannot use weapons". 

As if the nullifiers and parasites aren't bad enough for the game.



Also, the credit disruption Laomedeia could stand to be slightly more rewarding.  I'd say keep the cache rewards as-is,  but maybe give suiciders a chance to drop an extra credit cache.   Or give suiciders their own drop table in general regardless of the specific mission,  that includes a 10-50k credit drop depending on rarity and how full of filler the drop table would be.  Bonus points being that that would make all disruption missions more rewarding and enjoyable. 

But first and foremost... Remove the damn energy drain.  It ruins the game mode and just further cripples ability frames when the game already goes out of its way to do that a lot.


I mean, for crying out loud they're already immune to most abilities and emit nullifier pulses.  Could you shaft abilities any harder?  Don't answer that... 

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