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[PC] Cute Mercenaries is now recruiting


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Cute Mercenaries is a Ghost clan and will stay a Ghost clan forever. The aim is to create a tightly-knit team of  active veterans and experienced players who get along ,contribute and engage in events while keeping research and crafting costs low.

To achieve this we're looking for active members of at least MR 25 with a reasonable playtime but not TuRBO EliTiSt nutjobs running 50 eidolons per night. It is also preferable but not mandatory that members are 20+ years old. This is a clan with no censorship, SJW politics and not a good place to be if you get offended easily. We like to sh!t talk but when it's time to work - we work together, we win, we get the loot but most of all - we're cute.

We have 99% of research complete, a Fully built Dry Dock/Railjack, Aesthetic clan emblem and 15 day inactivity limit (unless leader is notified of a longer vacation)

PM me ingame or drop a friend request at IGN: Murakumo

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