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Gunblade Stances


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I've been playing with my gunblades again lately, and I find there's a specific design of them that I dislike...

The stances mix together slashing melee attacks with gunplay. I don't like this because it gets jarring and clunky to have to make sure I'm actually in melee range while also trying to aim my reticule properly for the shooting. It doesn't feel as fluid as I'd like. I'm sure it's something I can get better at as I play with the new stances, but I had a thought...

The Gunblade stances should exclusively be about slashing with the blade and not include any gunfire in the regular melee attacks. At all. The only gunplay they should engage in is with the Heavy Attack. It is a melee weapon, anyways, and we already have two whole slots dedicated to guns.

Before those of you who enjoy shooting with your melee weapon jump down my throat, let me explain why you can still have your cake and eat it too. It's because of builds like this:



Please ignore how I have yet to max all the mods, I've been working on that. I don't know if this specific build is particularly good, but I've been experimenting with different ways to make use of the Heavy Attack with Redeemer Prime lately, and been trying to find the right build for me. This is just one example.

My point being... if you want to exclusively pewpew away with your Redeemer Prime, we can specifically build it with a focus on the Heavy Attack. Which is why I went with Corrupt Charge, Killing Blow, and even Amalgam Organ Shatter. (went with Life Strike, too, thinking to use this build on my Inaros and see if it's a viable method of healing)
Is it slower than tapping E over and over? Yeah. And it be jarring to movement? Yeah. (there's actually a mod, though, that boosts movement speed after using the Heavy Attack)
But you're shooting that hard-hitting gunblade.  It's one method, and there's other ways to build around that. In other words, we have a way to build our Gunblade specifically around shooting, and I like having that level of player agency available.

It might just be that to make this truly a viable method for the playerbase, they also need to speed up the Heavy Attack animation for the Gunblade, but I'll have to see how it feels after playing with it in missions.


I think it would fit in better with the overall aesthetic of a gunblade to mostly use it as a blade, and rely on the actual gun portion for hard-hitting bursts.

If that's not good enough, I have a secondary proposal. Let's design High Noon this way... but design Bullet Dance the opposite way. So tapping E for melee attack would cause you to pewpewpew without any bladework at all, but your Heavy Attack would be a hard-hitting melee attack. Again, giving players the option to pick and choose which one they want to use for their given situation mid-combat.

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