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Loadouts use Companions from another loadout


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Untagged because I don't know what this would fall under.

I open the arsenal in Loadout A, and go to my companion tab. I didn't have a companion equipped, but it shows both a companion and weapon in the tab. It's the same exact companion and weapon from another loadout I have, Loadout B. I change Loadout A's companion to the desired one. The loadout selection screen says I don't have a companion equip. The companion of Loadout B is now changed to the one I equip. Loadout A still says it doesn't have a companion equip. Deleting Loadout B, changes the loadout it loads the companions from to a different loadout, with or without a companion, and all changes to Loadout A's companion tab is now done to whatever loadout it decides to choose next.

Album of an example

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