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Broken Stealth Kill Multiplier

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As of several updates ago, something broke the Stealth Kill XP multiplier, and it no longer works unless the target has been fully incapacitated via Sleep, Ensnare, or other similar abilities.



Previously only Multishot-modded weapons or shotguns would break the Stealth kill multiplier due to an oversight related to multiple simultaneous hit registrations coming from the same shot, unless the target was fully incapacitated. (lacking a "reaction" grace period of a few milliseconds, where all damage instances can apply BEFORE they get alerted)

Now it happens no matter the weapon or the mods installed, it is simply impossible to get a Stealth Kill multipliers going unless you play a frame that can disable the target.


EDIT: Note that this doesn't apply to melee stealth kill prompts, those still work fine, but anything else does break it.

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Melee Stealth Kill Prompt addendum
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