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Need Fund manager for a wf discord


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Hi i own the warframe discord "Warframe Endgame community" and im on the lookout for a ps4 and switch platform fund manager. They would need to be knowledgeable in creating/using google docs, be the person holding onto prizes/donations for the whole platform, and be interested in helping get prizes/rewards for events 1 way or another for the respective platform. We focus on a wide variety of competitive content in warframe so although it might not be much work when you start we're looking towards the future if you are not able to keep up with the amount of work needed to constantly be bringing in prizes/rewards for competitions/events please do not contact me. I get that this is a ton of work but thats precisely what this kind of server calls for. This server will strive to create the kind of competitive/endgame content alot of veteran players have been hoping for in warframe. 
If any ps4 or switch player here is interested in this position please private message me on discord, my discord name is GameGhost123#3535. Thanks

Also if anyone who reads this is interested in joining this server by all means heres the link :



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