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So I chose Zenith over Zenistar.


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I didn't get zenistar last time because i thought that Sigma Octantis would be more fun for me....i was largely right?

But in time I realized that there were certain builds, certain frames, that just are more fun having a point locked down instead of having to sit on your ass securing one place...

Nerfing zenistar into a useless weapon, like nerfing the the orvius into a useless weapon, just because you wanted to be $&*^s about your precious combo counter and /demand/ everything function by it's physics even if it destroys some weapons, for instance the orvius is totally useless now, is not good game development. 

Honestly i could care less about Zenistar because now it is going to be a very long time before i get another chance at obtaining it. But Orvius needs to be fixed because on that weapon you have no freaking excuse and you should be ashamed of your selves for breaking a weapon that was barely being used, let alone abused. If you must leave zenistar broken trash, fine, but fix orvius because not all of your weapons can or should work this way. 

Either remove the orvius "capture" time being linked to it's combo counter or have orvius instead capture everything that wanders into it's circle of influence. 

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I still use Zenistar but i had to change my Status build into a Heavy Attack kind of build and even though it helps on the Duration of the Disk, the Damage it got against 250 - 300 Solo or higher is next to non existent. I do think old Zenistar was better for Damage since i didn’t have to throw away so much of it away as a Status build just to have a Disk that could CC the enemies as well as it did before. It makes me use it rarely during a 100 - 120 Min mission or further. If the Mission you’re playing in got no Nullifiers, then it wouldn’t as big of a deal with you but with Nullifiers like Mot, you would spend more time saying hi to him.

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9 hours ago, (PS4)Black-Cat-Jinx said:

It's about zenith, a weapon no one uses, being better than zenistar, a weapon no one will ever use again, and orvius, a weapon that underperforms being dragged down with zenistar "just because".

I wouldn't say no one uses it. I see it from time to time. It's rare, but the way of obtaining it assures that. 

Lets put it this way: the only log-in weapon I use is the Zenith. 

Now, I only really use it on Octavia and it does have a pretty good riven, but I like it so I do use it. I don't like the others, so they don't get used. 

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