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Free Warframe, Warframe Cycle, Warframe Tournament, Better Warframe, Better Warframes, Better Environment; Lets just call it future plans or Points of improvement


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I was checking out L o L and now i kinda understand why its popular

We should have a way to duel players not just some small dojo fight

   Team or solo, same equipment or the finest combos you can make if everything were unlocked or the best of your stash

 People love fighting each other that's why the other games are just whizzing ahead

It adds variability and 'gets the blood pumping'

How about a large map and dropping players in it to fight it out or a large planet of infestation and exploring that, everyone on it PVP no rules + PVE

( on a side note a planet of infestation with players unknown style sounds Awesome! PVP and PVE in one! )

More importantly it adds content and variability

I know you guys want that sun moon basketball to work, but i never got to play it properly EVER as there was no interest

The stock index is ok and the solo and team fights are good

But i think an official tournament and better PVP interaction would add some spice too

Taking inspiration from the king's avatar i think level clear time should also make missions exciting, records are a good too



Also for new players warframe is a bit confusing

At least tell them that they need to change weapons for rank up (it was a bummer for me personally)

A few of my friends joined recently and i was looking at the game through fresh eyes

I gotta say we need to attract new ones while keeping old ones


L o L is just plug and play for simpletons and young-lings while a grand strategy for the old ones, it excites both sides


What i also like about L o L was that they cycle the characters

Can we do something like that?

A free warframe with free load out

Like a warframe of the week    (++community involvement for the next warframe and its cosmetics and load out)

And a prime free warframe fully upgraded the warframe of the month!

In the load out please include a free sample of the orbiter aid system, the fly around thingy, etc etc

I mean you get the point right? Showing off warframe's cool features especially for the new players to woo them, it can also be used for some great alpha testing of new warframes about to be introduced and to get some essential feedback n critique on the newframes [i remeber my circle hated bubon prime, oh i still can't remember its actual name]

(by the way i loved the free board its great and fun I can finally zoom about without *slide*slide*jump*slide*. Now we just need more things like that and something we can mow down enemies with and maybe a horse-like thing to ride out into zone 2 cetus [basically a much larger and vibrant and greener cetus, i would suggest release some time near end winter])



More warframes with more power

And a third tier of frames above the prime should rile people up

( How do you acquire it...  How about can not be bought or sold ever and a very long synthesis process with a tonne of schematics and requiring mountains of resources to build

    Working with custom weapons giving benefits for  specific weapons and powers/mods for specific warframe combos [not like the hunter, let people stumble on the combos or use their brains]

    The new frames closer to sentient and orokin technology branching into two or more sets and if built will follow you as a companion like umbra Excalibur )

Eventually leading up to being able to design and make your own frames from scratch with unimaginable powers based on type quantity and quality of ingredients used and the technology level {first from the grineer and corpus then disassembling your own warframes to finally understanding the sentients and uncovering lost orokin tech}



Also the environment needs improvement,  I mean seriously same gravity on all planets?

Make changes to gravity and thus jump height, fall rate n bullet range, magnetic fields to disrupt shields  and energy weapons (i know you have it in the lake in cetus, by the way i found where you put the credits Easter eggs like that are fun too)  Air density changes to change skid and overall speed.

Combining the use of environment to impede or enhance should be integrated, say like i slam rhino from a perch in a high gravity place the shock wave and impact should be more

And swamps, i mean it would be fun to see the grineer trudging in the mud falling face down while we zip away on our hover board

something like yod the green gremlins last home might be intriguing

a desert planet would be fun [mars maybe? for now]

Oh! And seasons would be fun! And their effects on the frames would be interesting!


For a long term project i think access to a whole new sol system would be fun

It would let you guys play around more with the basics and world + level building

unlike like just changing the old levels right under our noses (i hate the new spy missions as much as i love them, i miss the old ones and though the new ones are fun now i know i ll get used to them eventually)

Getting to meet the sentients in their new home system and some lost and found city colony of the orokin with them still going about their lives like in the old days. I still feel strange that there are no aliens in this, i mean proper aliens, everybody just calls the sol system home.

Also a safer cetus would be fun too, i hate how there is always some stash or drone or enemy or  stupid howitzers raining shells on you just some stupid grineer ship air dropping troops on you. Cetus feels stuffed. And it makes me claustrophobic. A new greener free er emptier world would be a nice change of pace.

Witch 3 was fun in roaming around and just enjoying the graphic i mean greenery same as Grand auto 5, free roam should actually be free.

I still hate how my peaceful fishing is interrupted all the time especially by those floating doge balls

And about the day and night, i know its a good idea to fix the time and the 24 hr cycle thing  but... every time i come its dark, i haven't seen the sun in like ever... maybe on a sunday if i had the time, but yeah i'd appreciate it if the cycle was a bit variable in days of the week (its and odds and evens games)  so instead of

day night day night; day night day night; day night day night;      how about just

   day night day:          night day night;        day night day

For long term i think each [warframe] faction should get its own base like and asteroid or moon base or a large custom capital ship or even better a moving moon or asteroid ship/base


That brings me to better missions why not put a player on the other side to make things tougher and more fun

I mean all the animosity aside the factions grineer and corpus do hire us for wars right then why not to protect in spy and assassinate??

Or even better to carry it out for them 


I know we have warframe infighting factions, personally i hate it, the others seem to love it, Maybe i just haven't met my kind of stance on this

(Mine would have been more like how strong can you get? your will is all that matters, its us against the world, do what you will - do what you must kinda thing and that faction would have all the mods under it and based on the kind of missions we undertake and our actions on those missions our standing with the other groups or factions would go up and down is my kind of faction, separate from all the bickering, undercutting, intrigue and infighting. Standing apart tall and strong. Oh and those factions would be merciless on our missions or exploration like how assassins would turn up out of no where in creed revelations, oh you'd always gain standing with that faction its a kinda of a neutral faction )

But above all there should be a way to reset the standing, you know a way to get a clean slate, not like going to individual factions and saying we're sorry or trying to appease them.

I remember i was playing and those half grineers sent some bowling balls down on me, i failed the mission and since my entry was kinda last minute i couldn't jump in again. I was so pissed, i felt i had a just cause to just blow away and demolish them just cause style.

Could we do something like that? Kick a faction's ass so much they'd rather not come after us?

I mean seriously its not like i hurt them before im a blade for hire and they caused me a loss and im supposed to take in more of a loss to appease them puff! come on! It'd be fun to beat em upreal good

We dont have rampages! We have awesome ninja robots and we dont have massacre or rampage modes! The only thing that comes to good old hack n slash massacre is defense missions, the kill everyone in the garrison mission doesn't even come close, i remember having to trigger alarms to make it exciting and fun.

Tough missions are good, they put you in your place and add a bit of content and grinding, but we need easy missions too where we can just let loose and be wild with our powers.

Also can we please PLEASE buy certain basic mods like power regeneration, I still don't have it after so much play i still don't have it. It sucks to have to carry batteries for that toy. I somehow miss it all the time or i dont know, i refue to but it from someone who harvested it it makes me feel i missed out on something

I kinda got carried away so the spoiler's actually a rant


And on a serious note, how can powers not recharge?? Magic points regenerate, mental points regenerate, There are powered up consoles everywhere, why cant we just plug ourselves in? It was the most irritating point of my game-play when i started out with awesome powers and no batteries and not surprisingly my buddy feels the same.

Its like when my dad gave me the free ticket to drive the car for the first time back when i started out to learn to drive. We came to an open field with that bad boy. go on now son! he said, give'r a good spin, don't worry 'bout some scratches or crashes I trust ya!

More like trusted the nearly empty gas tank, my foot!


Also i expanded my power limit from 125 to 250 i think and i remember going into the mission half tanked, I mean really? half charge? From home? What the voltage not right?



We don't have demolition missions do we? I mean there are some core reactor melt downs and some steal that warship core guide it out of the hanger thing using your shields to push the damn thing forward (not cool using shields in not cool especially solo if there is no audiance to cheer on your audacity or some record to be made) [I really want a cinematic for that where we zip out and away in space and the large ship blows up in the background]

We don't have proper demolition missions, destroying satellite arrays and dishes and such

Or Group missions with each having its own sub task to accomplish before the final task you know commando like



I love the new faction and more npc interaction, I am glad certain points of my previous post were incorporated

I like the game, its good to be back



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