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Fang Prime Or Dual Zoren, Faster Attack Speed?



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Attack speed = the time taken to swing once. The Dual Zorens swing almost instantly, while the Fang Prime swing 3 times in one press of the button. Each swing is slower than Dual Zoren swing speed but still pretty fast.


As for what the 3 attacks in a combo thing means, pressing the melee button once causes the weapon to swing 3 times, and pretty fast too.


Which is better? Fang Prime has the highest normal attack DPS, I believe. 25 x 3 armor piercing damage without mods, and much higher with mods. Dual Zorens are most well known for having the highest swing speed, allowing you to "Zorencopter", or in other words, jump + slide attack to be flung very very far at extreme speeds. It is a good critical hit weapon though, attacking fast with a 25% crit. chance and 300% crit. damage.


Dual Zorens are for mobility, and Fang Prime is for damage.

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If you are talking about the slide attack, get the Dual Zoren. Not even the regular Fang can compare to the Zorencopter.

While the Fang Prime has higher DPS output, you really do most of your damage with warframe powers or guns rather than melee at a certain point; therefore, you should use the Dual Zorens which have the highest slide attack speed for the massive mobility gain.

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