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Ivara's Noise Arrow.


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I know i know, by that title i understand that most of you are probably tired of seeing these kinds of posts about her noise arrow, and infact there are many other frames in need of a fix than ivara atm. But let's be honest, is her noise arrow really that useful?

Before the "fix", and i'm not blaming the fix for this, noise arrow was basically controlling enemies' location, and making them braindead standing still in one place, basically a sleep arrow with a lure, which was very endeared by the community even though it was an exploit, it had a use in interception missions and that only, but now, after it's fixed, is it really viable anywhere else now? I mean you can still use it in interception, but they just stand there for 5-6 seconds, then become alerted again and roam around, and if you do reactivate it, they still roam around, because they became alerted after the first arrow has been shot. But let's say you're gonna sleep them so they don't finish their investigation and return to alerted mode, and stay unalerted to use another noise arrow, right, that doesn't work too. Being asleep is just not moving, they are still aware of their surroundings, so what now? Where are you gonna use it?

My solutions:
I suggest maybe keep it in, but just make a few tweaks here and there to make it actually viable outside of interception or solo in general.

1) draws enemy aggro away from you and your allies for a short period of time, on end, it explodes blinding enemies and messing up their accuracy by 100% (the blind effect can be removed as the enemy aggro is already enough).
Just like octavia's Mallet (1st ability) it would really help especially in defense missions, and to really sneak away from danger when in a hard situation.

2)Now, if for removing it completely, i suggest having an offensive arrow, as she has nothing except for her artemis bow, which kinda makes it hard for her to dish out damage, just like vauban. I suggest this arrow:
-Bubble arrow: on impact, creates a bubble that, if inside, gives a melee damage buff and a multishot buff. Once exiting the bubble, the buff turns into a time limited buff with a timer besides the arrow in the quiver wheel, the timer scales off of duration.

That's all i had in mind for a while, and again, the example above is just an example for an offensive arrow, other people might be better at making concepts for it, but the general idea of it is clear: Replace Noise arrow, it's ruined now, or completely change the way it works, because it's just taking place for a more viable arrow, because if you want "utility", her quiver needs to have:
1)CC, Sleep Arrow. (Defensive)
2)Survivability, Cloak Arrow. (Supportive)
3)Agility, Dashwire Arrow. (Mobility)
4)Damage or Damage Buff. (Offensive)
All must be minor. And i don't see any offensive arrow in her quiver, which limits her damage output.

Drop your opinions in the comments, criticism is welcome, thanks for reading!

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