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Excal Umbra Replication.

1.Load into any railjack mission as Excal Umbra.

2.On mission success go back to to dock in operator mode. (enter navigation panel as operator)

3.Stay in operator mode until dojo loads, at this point you'll be automatically turned into Umbra, but original one will still remain

4.From here going into operator mode will result in two Umbras following you.

5.Rinse and repeat for more umbras.

PS. at some point further missions will stop spawning fighters and crewships making missions impossible to complete.

Free flight mission works as well


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Have come back to railjack in a while. Drops have significantly improved my experience compared to the launch state. What hasn't are the following:


1. Sometimes I just magically end up outside the ship. The only reason I can think of this happening is perhaps I am pressing X at some spot. However, I am not pressing X anywhere near the where the exit locations are, and when you exit normally there is usually an animation for you leaving the ship.


2. Aiming while inside the slingshot, shows yourself as invulnerable. So does propelling yourself. However, this is NOT the case. I can be inside the slingshot for over 2seconds (as Itzal admittedly) and whether I exit from the slingshot or launch myself successfully, the damage that I am taking appears to take effect once I am out of the animation, oneshotting me in both cases.

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Crew ships are following me to the dry dock and killing me while I am cleaning out the garbage. not sure why this is happening but it is happening more often than before.

I did more than one mission before returning to drydock and launched from drydock.

Can't lie this is one of the more entertaining bugs as I constantly hear a crew ship shooting my railjack.

Crewship is in the wall, slightly sticking out.

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On 2020-01-17 at 9:42 PM, lhardy said:

I think that is only visual. It happened to me a lot of times when I came buck to liset. Check if any of the resources that you remember to get and you can compare with the one before. Like shedu parts, foe example. That is something you know the amount of them you have.

When I checked the dry dock I didn't see any of the scrap that I remembered getting so I think it literally didn't give it to me. Had the same thing happen to me again when a group randomly did another veil mission. I didn't know it was a veil mission but when the mission was over again I had no scrap from the previous mission. However now that I have an intrensics level 7 when I do veil missions I get all of my stuff no problem. I still don't know if this is intentional or not. Just looking for some clarification in a DE post or something.

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Had a Zetki Mk III Pulsar with a firerate bonus of 59.4%.

Picked up two more in mission with a firerate of 57%.

Armaments screen shows them as 57% 57% 59.4%

Sold the first of the 57% and just decided to check them again before I sold the second one and the order switched to 59.4% 57%

So I almost sold the weapon with the highest roll.

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My Intrinsics are at 8887 and I no longer gain Instrinsics points even though I only have 45.


I played 4 missions of GIan's point in a row: 3 on someone else's ship, then 1 on mine.  I heard the level up sound many times, but my Intrinsics point count is still 45.

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Bug: Railjack Avionics [Ripload] seems to be providing less than 10% of the bonus than listed.


Reproduction method: Install [Ripload], go into mission, spam ordnance button. Use metronome/stop watch/recorded video to determine change in re-firing delay. Repeat after uninstalling [Ripload]. Repeat with various ordnance.

My [Ripload] used is a maxed Levan installed on maxed grid, with total bonus of -32% ordnance reload time. Tested with Milati mk3 / Tycho Seeker mk3 / Tycho Seeker mk1 /Galvarc mk3 and observed their re-firing delay with or without said [Ripload]. Observed difference of re-firing delay is about 0.3 seconds.


Screenshots: N/A


Additional comments: This bug warrants observation into how ordnance re-firing delay is programmed. It could either be caused by the avionics itself is bugged (Assume displayed information is correct, [Ripload] could be increasing fire rate on weapons with magazine size of 1 instead of decreasing their reload time), or a bug in distribution of fire rate vs. reload time of actual ordnance stats as opposed to displayed in-game (assuming [Ripload] reduces reload time. Assume ordnance functions as warframe weapons, it seems like Tycho Seeker and Milati actually have a fire rate of 0.2 and reload time of 1 second).

Galvarc also does not behave as per in-game description. One must wait 7 seconds before it can be fired again. My own [Ripload] with -32% reload time seems to reduce it to 6.7 seconds.

This bug also invokes attention relevant to ordnance design. All ordnance but the Galvarc seem to have fire rate of 1 second and magazine capacity of 1; reload will not start until the fire rate of 1 second is cycled. The resulting firing delay between each shot is 1s fire rate + 5s reload = 6 seconds, with 1 second of un-mitigate-able firing delay by any means. To reduce misleading information regarding this mod, I suggest to drastically increase fire rate of all ordnance so that they near-instantly enter reload cycle after firing.

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I'm missing a few unrepaired railjack parts since the last update. A Vidar MK3 shield array, Zekti MK3 engine, and at least a few other things. My current salvage is at 14/30 - no clue what it was at before but plenty of head room. I know I didn't scrap them because I intended on repairing them out. Nothing earth shattering but still a bit confounding.  

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When doing the first Earth mission after Free Flight solo if I enter one of the 2 spawned crew ships, destroy reactor and exit I get spawned immediately behind the second crew ship even if it's at the other end of the map. This way I can simply reeter and destroy the second crew ship. I don't think this is intended.

When in a group on the same mission if the pilot casts Void Hole I immeditately get recalled back to Railjack.

In both examples I was hosting and it happened more than a few times.

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exp gained in intrinsic stays but for mission loot it disappears completely even mission bonus is lost and hour of loot is wasted
and confirmed it going solo or team after finishing up and succeed and go back to dry dock some time it goes fine and alot of times its lost  

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On 2019-12-12 at 3:18 PM, [DE]Bear said:

Empyrean: Bug Report Megathread

Use this megathread to post all of your bugs related to the Warframe: Empyrean update! When you post a bug, make sure you follow the guidelines!

  • A quick description of the problem
  • Any steps you may have that can reproduce the issue
  • Any screenshots you may have taken
  • Any additional information you may think is relevant to the bug in hand

Remember, Warframe Empyrean is a large update, and while we are looking at all the bugs posted, we may need to triage the more drastic ones. This does not mean that your bug is being ignored. Fixes can take some time, but we are working hard on making Empyrean the best it can be.

REMEMBER: Being civil and succinct in your bug reports make them easier to track down and fix. Angry rants or abusive posts do not help anyone get the problem fixed faster. Please be as factual as you can and do not resort to hyperbole.

Have fun, and let us know what you think!


This has been happening since FORTUNA and has not been fixed! How are we still able to fly under the map in both PoE and Solaris!?!?! Textures are stretching and warping and making things invisible.



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On 2020-01-18 at 7:43 AM, ChaosMarine said:

You hit it's engines. When you're aiming the forward artillery you want to strike the central section of their hull to do damage.

lmao is that all it was?? 

I'll make the adjustment and see. Thanks for the info!

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  • A quick description of the problem
  • Any steps you may have that can reproduce the issue
  • Any screenshots you may have taken
  • Any additional information you may think is relevant to the bug in hand

When playing as a team mate during a battle, when the battle is near the end and your in a enemy ship for some reason, you your faced with the Grey Screen of death, you can see updates but you lose all control, all keyboard stops working, and no key works or mouse functions.

you just get this screen and audio cues that from the cephalon that the game continues, your forced to hard reset the game and lose all progress.

This has happened 4th time in a row and each time I was driving enemy ship when the map entered into a new phase.


I went away from computer and left it a long time eventually you get end credit screen.



But it looks weird with much of the information missing.

but after clicking Exit you still need to hard reset as controls are still locked and your left with your team mates confused about what happened to you.


Nothing happens after this, but the crash is guaranteed and repeatable, I could make video on request.

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Further things to report
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Hello, The bugs i found:

1st. When you are on an arhcwing there are places on the ship where u can go inside the ship ( its a not really a big bug, its rather funny.) Usually over the wing side (upper part).


2nd this is also funny, but if u sit into anywhere u get a bug where u can't speak and do nothing at all. (The archwing bugs inside the ship while everyone insde and you too.) You can fly around, use your weapons and healing stuff but if u press to go outside, or sit into weaponary or anything then you are doomed.

I got this bug after i was on a crewship and from the rj they blew up the ship, then a mob killed me and i ressed before the timer was up and used the healing stuff to get back to rj. 



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Remapping the RJ Tactical Menu key to any key other than the default 'L' makes the Tactical Menu inaccessible outside of the pilot's station, and removes Fast Travel functionality even at the pilot's station.

Repro scenario:

In regular keymapping, rebind View Mission Progress to a key other than 'P'.  I used ']'.

In railjack keymapping, rebind Tactical Menu to 'P'.

While not at the pilot's station, press P.  Nothing will happen.

Enter the pilot's station.  Press P.  You will get a version of the Tactical Menu with no Fast Travel stations highlighted.

Return to railjack keymapping.  rebind Tactical Menu to 'L'.

While not at the pilot's station, press L.  Tactical Menu will appear, with Fast Travel stations highlighted.

Enter the pilot's station.  Press L.  Tactical Menu will appear, with Fast Travel stations highlighted (though they don't work -- they leave you in the pilot's chair -- but that's a different bug).

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