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(PC) Empyrean: Bug Report Megathread

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I've had a few times going back to drydock where a Grineer crewship came with me and keeps firing inside the drydock at my railjack.


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Ruse War field:

The derelict section keeps me puzzled with it's function, every time.
Usually, it contains nothing, save for infested and some crates.

My last visit suddenly pointed towards a hacking station (which never appeared before).
After hacking, cephalon Cy mentions, that 'this will interest the crew'.
Yet the objective marker leads back out, resulting in nothing worthwhile to be found.

When flying nearby with your railjack, Cy mentions incomming missiles.
You can even hear them launch, seemingly coming from the tower.
But nowhere, is any trace to be found, of projectiles being fired (no fx trails, nothing).

This keeps happening non-stop.
Hearing the cephalon warn you, every minute or so.
Untill you move far away enough, from the derelict, with the railjack.

Supposedly, this tower behaves like a grineer installment (luckily no ramsleds).
But I do not recall Orokin towers, being outfitted with a grineer arsenal of missiles.
And not that anyone onboard (intelligent infested?), would even know, how to operate these.

Furthermore, grineer fighters love to attack the entrance, like their life depends on it.

Shipkiller platforms:

Attack their own ships, when a railjack is not within range.
Effectively taking aim at crewships, and frying their health away.

After destruction, the dish likes to follow any ship, manouvering nearby.
Having no men left to operate the thing, makes this creepily weird.

And much like every other grineer installation.
This platform still loves to send ramsleds, after having been made completely inopperable.

It provides extra unnecessary obstacles for any railjack team.
Since the objective markers disappear.
Making accidental approaches to ramsled-happy- dead bases, a nasty hindrance.

Cannon Batteries:

Still respawn, after having been destroyed.

Merely leave the area, a good 5000m+ away.
Then come back, to discover a new cannon.

It has the possibility to be exploited (pickups).
And causes slight aggravation, after having made that section secure.

Furthermore, some like to stack upon one another.
And more than too often, will a respawned battery, have an incorrect alignment to the surface.
Being rotated 90 degrees along an axis, hugging the surface with their entire length.

Missile launch detected:

As mentioned under the Ruse War field section.
These incomming projectiles, are actually completely useless, when it comes to galleons/asteroid bases.

Cy will keep warning you at ludicrous safe distances.
While the missiles themselves, only travel for a brief period.
Shortly dissapating afterwards.

So if you don't want the cephalon, to repeat the same sentence for some time,
A team will be forced to leave the railjack at distances of over 10,000m.
Then use their archwing to board the galleon/asteroid base (the latter, still being invisible).

Possible videos will follow later.

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One problem I've been having recently is that the Anomaly marker doesn't show in the star map unless I log out and log back in.

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