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3 Ideas for Grendel


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Ideas 1: apply Grendel's armor stripping from feast apply to Pulverize's aura so that pulverize can deal with armor while in rolly polly form, maybe have the effect be halved when there are no enemies being Feasted upon

Idea 2: Add some armor stripping to Regurgitate, either a forced corrosive proc or some other % not attached to statues, that applies BOTH to the target(s) being hit with the regurgitated enemy AND the regurgitated enemy(if feast didnt remove it all) 

Idea 3: Add a forced toxic proc to regurgitate

why these ideas? well, Pulverize simply struggles with armor, it has silly base dmg but it cant do anything vs armored enemies... meanwhile Regurgitate's main use is just fun shenanigans with yeeting enemies off the map, damage-wise Feast's vomit function is considerably stronger, specially with the forced toxic status

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